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Welcome to Clam Gulch Lodge, the place we have called home for over 23 years. We live onsite and the four of us are committed to making sure you, our guests, enjoy the ultimate Alaskan lodge experience. As hosts, we bring a variety of skills and local knowledge to better serve you. From culinary creativity to adventure planning, inn keeping to landscaping, fishing enthusiasm to all round construction and maintenance, we will go the extra mile to make sure your stay is the best possible one.

Warm regards, Gary, Pam with Fiona, Nicole & Allen with Loki

How It Started

Starting in 1999, we created a place where travelers feel safe, comfortable and excited to explore this incredible natural wilderness called Alaska. It is a place we are so fortunate to call home. We came, first as visitors to Clam Gulch Lodge in 1995, next as partners in the previous Lodge operations, and finally as full owners in 2000. The business has evolved from the original goal to provide a haven for anglers, to experience Alaska’s bountiful, world-class fresh water and saltwater habitats.


As we acclimated to our new homeland and listened closely to what our neighbors and guests were saying about the area, we realized the original fishing lodge vision was too narrow. Alaskans have called the Kenai Peninsula their playground due to the wide variety of outdoor adventures available year-round. We have expanded our offerings of adventure packages to include all types of outdoor experiences while still including fishing for beginners as well as the seasoned angler.


Like you, Pam, Nicole, Allen, and I love to travel and explore new places. So, we understand the need to get solid, reliable information about what an area has to offer; what fits our budget; and what type of place we feel comfortable using as our home base while exploring a new area. With our 23 years of experience, we specialize in tailoring lodging/activities packages for our guests. With the endless choices you have through internet searches, we help prepare a package based upon your desired adventures and budget, not some corporation’s ideal trip for you. We will help filter through the hype and be honest with you about what you may reasonably fit into your travel itinerary. Remember that Alaska is a very big place (over twice the area of Texas) and has so much to offer. 


Our experience in providing lodging, fishing, and outdoor activities will help you create your perfect Alaskan adventure. So far over 3,700 guests have enjoyed our special place on Earth.


“We came as guests and left as Family!” – this statement is the most heart-warming compliment we hear from our customers as they depart Clam Gulch Lodge. We continually listen to what our guests say about their stay and constantly improve our services and facilities to live up to this highest praise.


We look forward to hosting you soon, as you Wander in Our Wonderland, on the Kenai Peninsula!

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